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Veroniaca metal art stand at fair in palm desert, California

Street Fair  at College of the Desert

Palm Desert, CA

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Kelly Sydow Review and testimonials

I purchased an iron work at Veronica's Pottery and Metal Art in October of 2013. It was a combination of a sun and moon overlapping each other. It was an xmas gift for my husband and I wasn't sure how I would get it home on the return plane ride home and keep it as a secret until xmas. I was offered delayed shipping to my home closer to xmas which I really appreciated. I didn't have to worry about travel damage or having my husband find out too early. I really appreciated being able to work with Veronica who met all of my needs and also stayed open to talk with me during my decision on what piece I wanted to buy. This art work is phenomenally beautiful and is of great quality. My husband was astounded and absolutely loved the thought and beauty of the sun/moon iron work. He decided to hang it up in our living room so he could see it everyday instead of outdoors. Thank you Veronica and Luis for making my experience to best it could have been!

Kelly Sydow

Joe Reviews and Testimonials

Filmed on Sunday, December 19th, 2010 at the College of the Desert Street Fair in Palm Desert, California... IIt was a very rare rainy day in Palm Desert on the day I took this footage, but the lighting was still good, and all the metal art and pottery looked fantastic as usual. I have made numerous purchases at Veronica's Pottery and Metal Art and absolutely love everything that I have purchased there... and each time I visit, I am always impressed by the beauty, quality, and variety of items on display. Contact info for Veronica's Pottery and Metal Art is as follows... Veronica's Pottery and Metal Art Metal Designs by Luis Veronica Murray College of the Desert Street Fair Lot # 1 Space # 4 in Palm Desert, Ca. Warehouse & Metal Shop (by Appt. Only) 565 S. Williams Road Palm Springs, Ca. 92264 760-250-1289


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