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Metal Art Artist

Top Metal Art Artist From Around The World

Metal has been an art material for many years in making beautiful and unique metal art pieces. The metal undergoes welding and the fabrication process to come up with unique and beautiful metal art. Artists will use heat to melt the pieces to form molten material and weld pool. A strong joint will form when the weld pool solidifies. Welding is a crucial process when constructing different structures and objects.

Metal wall art done by a metal art artist

The same process is applied when creating functional objects like metal artwork and sculptures. The process is not supposed to be complicated; the aim is to form joining materials. You need to seek experts' services since they have the skill and knowledge of producing different shapes and colors.

Below are some of the top metal art from across the globe and the experienced artists.

Jeff Koons: This is an artist with roots in the United States when enrolled at the Maryland Institute College and the Art Institute of Chicago. His experience made him develop great pieces that are high prices. Some of his works were in the world auction and geared about $50 million in sales. His piece was from stainless steel with mirror polish with a transparent coating to have a softer feeling.

Richard Serra: He is a graduate from the University of California while he worked in steel mills. That is what influenced his work in metal art pieces. He is a renowned artist with an excellent reputation for attractive metal art pieces and innovative work. His work is mainly in lead and steel; his most massive sculpture is made from steel and moved around from different perspectives.

Alexander Calder: He is the name behind the moving sculpture that responds to movement. Calder is the expert behind the production of jewelry and other metal arts. These pieces are in Grand Rapids on the concrete plaza. It is an eye-catching steel piece and acts as a landmark.

Eduardo Chillida: He is a Spanish metal art artist who is famous for large pieces of work. He has handled massive metal pieces with his work installed across the globe. Eduardo did a steel sculpture that stood the test of iron strength and power.

Alexander Calder: He came up with beautiful sculptures in blocky steel. Most of the art pieces are unique and straightforward art from aluminum and stainless steel.

Most of the art pieces were from coal miners from centuries back. The goal is the transformation of the industrial age to the modern and informational era. It helps in serving as a focus on hope and overcoming fears. Some of the metal art pieces were from steel, and the finish is unique and attractive. The simple art is curving into beautiful shapes and bright colors. They are polished in stainless steel to offer a mirror-like effect for residential and commercial spaces. Most of the metal art pieces are museums, homes, hotels, and public areas providing brilliant reflections and famous works; the metal art pieces influence by different factors hence the unique outcome and art.

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