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Metal Art

How To Care and The Process of Caring for Your Metal Art

Taking care of metal art is a different process as compared to paper and canvas. Metal art is from ground aluminum and hand-painted. The painting is a combination of a chemical cocktail, acrylic, and urethane. After the process, it is covered with urethane in high gloss to help clear the coat.

Metal can succumb to damage even after protecting the secret is taking care of metal art. There is a higher chance of having fingerprints from handling metal art. It can be from moving it or bumping into it. The challenge is that smudges and fingerprints are not easily sighted; the problem is that they rust the art from the oils. That is why you need to know the right ways to take care of metal art.

Metal art needs occasionally dusting from dust and cobwebs that have been gathering. It would help if you cleaned by lightly rubbing using a dry and soft cloth. The cloth used should be clean and smooth because it will damage when you use a dirty one. To remove the fingerprints, you will need to remove the dust from work; it reduces the metal art scratches. You can use a diluted spray detailer; it can be sourced from an auto parts store then gently wipe the fingerprints.

Caring for your Metal Wall Art

It is safe to use the diluted spray detailed since most of the metal parts have the same coating as in automobile finish. Avoid using metal cleaner or polish when cleaning the art since it will remove the protective coat. It does not matter the surface treatment; the metal parts need cleaning with protective wax, paint, or lacquer.

In case the art is outdoors, you need to protect it from natural elements, pollution, and dirt. Ask your artist the changes to expect so that you are prepared and avoid any surprises. Look for the best guide to get a protective strategy; for indoors, do the cleaning using oil-based polish then buffed with a dry rag. In the case of bronze, ensure you dust it using a feather duster and lint-free cloth. Besides, for heavier bronze, the cleaning should be done using distilled water and then dried. Bronze needs to be away from cold, humidity, and heat. When there is a sudden change in weather, it can affect the color and its surface, avoiding abrading the surface since it will affect its lifespan.

The Process of Caring for your 3D Metal Wall Art

When hanging the metal art, ensure you know its weight and the type of hanger to use. In case it weighs above 20 pounds, it displays it using reinforced hanging methods. You can use a simple weight scale to consider metal art; it will help to know the exact weight. This information will help when buying wall fasteners and matching the weight range of the artwork.

When on drywall, ensure you hand on a stud and use special hangers for weight on masonry and brick walls. In the case of heavier works, look for one hanging point. Ensure you use a wire to hang the art, and it should be farther apart to make it stable.

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