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Hanging your Metal Art on the Wall

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

If you possess several metal arts or planning to buy some pieces, you need to know the different ways to hang the art. When you have unique and beautiful artwork, you must handle them with utmost care that means the way you hang them

Below are some of the useful tips on hanging your metal art for beautiful home décor.

· Choose your space: Look for the right space to h display your art, ensure that the wall size is proportionate to the metal art you are planning to hang. In case you are handing the art above your furniture, make sure it is two-thirds of the furniture length. It should be a centerpiece and measure about 57’’ from the floor since it is the average sightline.

· Use a measuring tool; it will help with the hanging process. Make sure you have spaces between the panels for better display. Tape the template to the wall, mark all the points on the wall where the nails and screws will go. It is essential to have a level for better alignment. You need to remove the template after attaching the nails or screws to the wall. At this point, you can now hang the metal art on the wall.

· Bend all the pre-installed brackets. In case the metal art comes with pre-installed brackets, you will notice that you can bend the art about 2’’ from the wall. Avoid hanging it flat on the wall. When you receive the package, remove the panels and place it facing down of a soft surface. Using your hand, brace its bracket centre and bend it upwards to about 90◦ angles. You will need to turn the outer perforation to the edge of the panel to another 90◦. That is the same process for all the brackets from the metal art.

· You can hang the metal art. Start by lining up the bracket slot using a screw or nail on the wall. At this point, you can have a display of a beautiful metal art o your wall.

When you follow the above-stated process, be assured of perfect wall art. There is a temptation to use shortcuts when hanging metal art. Avoid hanging the artwork using alternatives like hanging wires, command strips, and double-sided tape. The other options are likely to fail, and the artwork might fall from the wall. Use the trusted methods and know about the bracketing system used for residential and commercial clients.

In case you need to clean the artwork, remember to use cotton gloves to avoid fingerprints. In case you get any fingerprints, remove them from the metal part using a soft white cloth by rubbing alcohol. When you have painted work, use a damp cloth.

Metal art is an excellent way to decorate your room, even though most people prefer printed texts and paintings. When you decide to buy metal art, ensure that you know how to take care of it and are sure of the hanging process. It would help if you got a reliable and affordable supplier.

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